Company Profile

Knowing that Nothing Tastes like Marrouche, and embracing todays business practices and knowledge of the local and international market trends and needs, Rafic Marrouche 3rd Generation decided to establish its new Product lines, along a new franchise concept of its old-new Marrouche Restaurants concept, covering the famous Rafic Marrouche categories such as:


Our story began in Beirut in 1920 when our grandfather Rafic Marrouche established his own shop for todays famous Lebanese foul and hummus plate. With his generosity and hospitality throughout the years, the brand Marrouche by Rafic Marrouche became a well known name and a leader in the Lebanese Cuisine, for others to follow. Spurred on by this success, Rafic Marrouche continued its efforts and established a chain of restaurants in 1943 and launching the famous Shawarma and Shish Taouk Sandwish, becoming everyones choice. Today, after more than 60 years of consumer confidence in Marrouche Brand in more than 40 countries worldwide, Rafic Marrouche still maintain his unique taste, fame and secret formula.

Our Philosophy

From the finest selection of high quality spices, chicken and meat with no additives or preservatives and 100% halal, Rafic Marrouche produces its famous Marrouche product lines for the better health and wellbeing of its consumers, along a continuous Research and Development of new innovative product lines.

Added Value

Rafic Marrouche products provide its business partners with a “state of the art” benefits that allow the growth of the brand identity, add value to our merchandise and build up a loyal customer base while standing apart from our competitors.


Commitment to Excellence and Success by all means! As a result of its continuous commitment, Rafic Marrouche had succeeded to gain worldwide reputation for its quality food and its achievements specially in its new product lines; Marrouche Ready To Eat Frozen Food, with international standards, being recognized regionally and internationally with awards of excellence, with its unique taste and high quality of ingredients. Some of these awards: