Marrouche Dish of the day Mix Recipes

All Marrouche products are Halal and entirely free from any preservatives or color and are manufactured using the latest techniques and machine automated modern equipment. High freezing technology is used to preserve the taste and quality of Marrouche products. The spices & condiments are all prepared from sterile products of high quality.
Marrouche products are specially prepared for you and your family!


Marrouche ShishTaouk Marrouche ShishTaouk (spicy) Marrouche Chicken Shawarma

Marrouche Meat Shawarma Marrouche Chicken in Oven Marrouche Escalope

Marrouche Kibbe Marrouche Falafel Marrouche Foul

Marrouche Hamburger Marrouche Chicken Burger Marrouche Vegi Burger

Marrouche Grapeleaves & Meat Marrouche Grapeleaves & Oil Marrouche Molokieh

Marrouche Kabsa with Chicken Marrouche Potato with Garlic Marrouche Koftal

Marrouche Pizza Marrouche Chicken Nuggets Marrouche BBQ

Marrouche Fish Marrouche Pasta Marrouche Chicken Broasted

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