Marrouche Spices and Herbs

All Marrouche products are Halal and entirely free from any preservatives or color and are manufactured using the latest techniques and machine automated modern equipment.
Marrouche products are specially prepared for you and your family!

Spices and Herbs are as follows;

Seven Spices Cinnamon Ground Anise Camomile
Onion Dry Cinnamon Sticks Anise Seed Herbal Tea
Black Pepper Sumac Majoram Basil
Caraway White Pepper Ginger Cloves Powder
Cumin White Sesame Falafel Spices Sfouf Spices
Cardamom Toasted Sesame Nutmeg Fennel
Cardamom Powder Curry Mougrabieh Spices Red Pepper
Coriander Biryani Cooking Spices Fenugreek
Citric Acid Mint Bay Leaves Paprika
Carbonate Merdekosh Linden Mahlab

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